Best Floor Scrubber Review in 2021

What would be the most disgusting part of your house? Obviously a dirty floor!!! How’d you feel if you walk on a dirty and dusty floor? It’s very annoying to live in a house where the floor is not clean. A clean and shiny floor is everyone’s favorite.

Moreover, if you have a baby in your house, you have to be very careful about this matter. Because babies are easily get attracted by floors and they always try to touch the floor. So, it is necessary to keep your floor clean and tidy always. A slippery floor can cause severe accidents. Besides, a dull and dusty floor can cause diseases like asthma and allergies.

Floors get easily affected by harmful, hazardous bacteria. Therefore, it can be a serious problem. So, try to keep your floor clean. But we all know that it is very hard work. First of all, you need a huge time to clean the floor. The people who are suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis, it would be the hardest work for them.

Secondly, you have to buy a lot of things suchlike; washing liquid, cloth, napkin, microfiber sponge, stain remover liquid, etc. So many works, right? Are you worried? Chill, there is a solution. There are some floor scrubber and machines which can help you. This scrubber definitely will clean up your floor and reduce your valuable time in this boring work.

So are you excited to buy one of them? Wait!! There are a lot of options in your hand. Check all the pros and cons and then decide which one would be best for you.

1. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Do you want a shiny clean floor, but having a problem with back pain? This scrubber will help you. Definitely, this is the best floor scrubber with some amazing features. You’ll love this scrubber because of its high-quality performance. The scrub brush comes with four different brush heads, which is best for your floor. Moreover, it is waterproof so you can use it in your bathroom too.

Key features

  • 22 x 6 x 5 inches dimension
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Battery: 2 superior LG, 3.6-volt, 2*2150 MAh
  • 300 RPM spin speed machine
  • 21-inch handle

Why we love it?

The scrubber has a brand new adjustable upgraded long extension handle. The handle is attached with a good quality brush head. The brush head is different from another electric floor scrubber.

The scrubber can be operated by pressing the back button switch situated in the handle. The handle is extendable and easily reaches too hard to touch areas and best for back pain patients. The best part about this scrubber is that it comes with 4 replacement brush heads. The

The extra-wide flat brush head is best for flat large surfaces. It easily removes stubborn stains from this area. It works great in-wall, hard floor, patio furniture, pool, etc. the small flat brush is good for stove areas and small corners.

The round head is perfect for cleaning edges, corners, basins, sinks, etc. all of these brush heads are waterproof so it can be used on bathroom floors too. The bristles won’t scratch the floor and it is made with the best technology. The quality of this brush will insist you to buy this. The scrubber is one of the most reviewed one on the internet.

Keep in mind

The scrubber is good for bathroom floors. It can’t absorb soap quickly, so you’ve to wait a little bit for soaking.


  • Good quality bristles
  • Extendable handle
  • Can work both in wet and dry places
  • Can reach hard to touch area
  • 4 different brush head
  • Easy to carry
  • Long-lasting


Not a lightweight one

2. Bissell BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules Scrub and Clean Floor Machine

This is one of the best floor scrubbers so far. It has some amazing features, let’s check it out.

Key features

  • 11 x 8 x 41 inches dimension
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds
  • 2200 rpm spin speed
  • Plastic body
  • Attached Bumper

Why we love it?

This scrubber is best for floors. It easily can scrub the area and remove excess greasiness from floors. It can fight against stubborn stains so that you can use this in your kitchen and outside floors too. The brush head is made with the best technology and the spin speed is perfect.

Also, the scrubber easily absorbs the liquid soap and creates bubbles in a short time. Moreover, it is very lightweight and easy to carry. The handle is extendable and can reach the hard to touch areas. Moreover, the scrubber is made with a high-quality plastic body so you don’t have to worry about its lifetime.

Keep in mind?

The machine doesn’t come with a warranty. So you have to be careful about using this product


  • The high-quality brush head
  • Extendable handle
  • Plastic body
  • Removes stains easily
  • Easy to dry and control
  • Absorbs quickly


There is no control switch in this scrubber.

3. GOBOT Cordless Electric Mop Floor Scrubber for Home Kitchen Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Are you looking for an efficient scrubber for your floor? Here is the best floor scrubber. This scrubber is not an ordinary one. The scrubber comes with reusable microfiber pads which can be used to wipe out the stubborn stains from the floor. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It has an amazing soaking power which helps to clean the floor quickly. It can transform a dirty floor into a clean one. You don’t have to give a lot of pressure to clean the floor.

Key features

  • flexible mop head
  • Led Floodlight design
  • Controller switch
  • Washable formula

Why we love it?

This electric scrubber has 140 per minute rotating power. It can work great for about 3 hours after 50 minutes of charging. The microfiber pad can wipe the dirt and dust easily from the floor. The best part is these fibers are washable and reusable.

It can reach the hard to touch areas without bending. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to carry. The installation is very easy, you just have to combine the two handles with the mop and the scrubber ready to use. The best part of this scrubber is the led floodlight can help the mop to clean the places where there is low light. Not only the floor, but you can also easily wash the bathroom, tile, window, countertop with this. It has 12 months of warranty.

Keep in mind

The scrubber takes a lot of time to dry. So try to dry as soon as possible.


  • High-quality microfiber
  • Lightweight feature
  • Easy gripping handle
  • 1-year warranty
  • Reusable microfiber pad


Takes a huge time to dry.

4. Spin Scrubber Powerful Electric Mop Extension Handle Cordless & Rechargeable

This scrubber is a budget-friendly one. You will definitely purchase this by seeing its amazing features. This high-quality scrubber is good for your floor, marble tile, outdoor floors, etc. It can remove the dust and stubborn stains from the floor. Moreover, it comes with 5 different kinds of microfiber pads which are easily removable and usable.

Key features

  • JPK Spin Scrubber
  • LED display
  • Spin Scrubber brush
  • Replaceable flexible head

Why we love it?

The scrubber machine is best for indoor and outdoor use. It is suitable for wood vinyl, tile, and laminate surfaces. You can use this scrubber for toilet and bathroom cleaning. You’ll be amazed to know that this scrubber can clean your car too. It is perfect to clean glass areas. It removes stubborn greasy stains from all of these surfaces in a very short time.

You can use this mop in so many positions and conditions. It is suitable for different surfaces and tasks. The brush head is made with waterproof technology. There are different spin brush heads suchlike; sponge brush, flat brush, chinilli brush, velvet brush, and round brush. The best part of this scrubber is its storing formula. It includes a rack for storage, where it took very little space. The LED light helps to clean the darker areas fastly.

Keep in mind

The brush comes without any warranty. So be careful while using this.


  • Well spin quality
  • Reusable mop brush
  • Easy to store
  • LED function
  • Good quality microfiber
  • Can be used in car and bathroom too


Not so easy to dry

5. Rollibot M6 2 in 1 Floor Scrubber – Cordless Rotating Electric Mop Spinning Hard Floor Cleaner

This Rollibot floor cleaner is truly the best floor scrubber now. It comes with so many outstanding features. It is one of the most reviewed ones so far. It has amazing soaking power which helps a lot to remove any kind of stains from your floor. Inserting a little bit of disinfectant liquid soap will make your floor cleaner and safer.

Key features

  • Stainless steel handle
  • Rotating brush head
  • Controller switch
  • Two powerful mopping brushes
  • Circular method cleaning

Why we love it?

This scrubber is really a hard floor deluxe cleaner. It mops and spins to scrub out the grime and dirt from the floor. The dual head is made for polishing, cleaning, and removing stains. It can provide you a deep clean for about 50 minutes after charging.

Most of the scrubbers make noises while cleaning. But this new scrubber cleanses your floor without heavy noise. The mop brush is reusable and easy to control. The switch helps to control the speed of the scrubber.

Keep in mind

It is not good for your bathroom floor. Make sure you use this only for your living rooms and kitchen.


  • Reusable mops
  • Rotating formula
  • Easy gripping handle
  • Can control speed
  • Easy to dry


Comes with no warranty

6. GOOD PAPA Electric Spin Scrubber, 360 Power Brush Floor Scrubber, 2 Speed HD LED Display, with 5 Replaceable Brush Heads Cleaning for floor

This scrubber is compatibly better than the other ordinary scrubbers. This scrubber comes with an extended handle that can clean the floor very quickly. Moreover, it can remove the stains from tile, marble, and laminate surfaces. It is easy to handle and lightweight.

Key features

  • 8 x 13.8 x 12.6 inches
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene handle
  • Styrene material body
  • 25-inch extra handle
  • 84W high power motor
  • 4V-2000mAh lithium built-in battery
  • Speed Control switch

Why we love it

The handle is made with the tool-free extended formula which will ensure less stress on the knees and back. It is quite different from the other ordinary scrubbers. The best part is it is attached with an extra 25-inch stainless steel handle. The spin scrubber is great for cleaning corner places. It can easily reach the hard to touch areas. You don’t have to bend or kneel to clean the floor.

So, it is best for the back pain holders and arthritis patients. The spin scrubber has 5 different replaceable brush heads. You can easily clean patio furniture, bathroom, windows, tile grout, car, glass, wall, bathtub, tires, and kitchen. The hurricane shaped design is best for use in wet areas.

The high-quality battery power gives strength to the brush to work for more than one hour at once. The motor is genuinely high powered and supports 360-degree revolution speed. The cordless design makes it more valuable than others. It can remove stubborn stains only in a minute.

There are 2 working speed; Low: 180r/Min, High: 280r/Min. There is a control button. It is easy to squeeze without pressing the button in this scrubber. Also, the scrubber comes with a LED display. Yes!!! It is one of the newest editions in this scrubber. It can give you a high-quality performance. You’ll definitely love this product. This product can easily make your floor super clean and shiny.

Besides, it is going to shine your kitchen and bathroom too. It cleanses the glass surface without making it dull and cloudy. Undoubtedly you won’t regret buying things, high-quality staff.

Keep in mind

This machine has no perfect warranty. Be careful while using this.


  • One of the most reviewed one
  • Best quality extended handle
  • The good quality replaceable brush head
  • Easy to carry and handle
  • Speed control switch
  • Easy to dry
  • Lightweight
  • Work on different surfaces


  • Not an environment-friendly one
  • Comes with no warranty

7. Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber, Cordless Grout Shower 360 Power Bathroom Cleaner with 4 Replaceable Rotating Brush Head

Are you looking for a new design with stylish and thick bristles containing a brush? Ok then go with this one. It is one of the best floor scrubbers so far. Yes!!! This brush can satisfy you with a clean, hygienic, shiny, germ-free floor. This brush comes with a high-quality metal instead of plastic. 4 multi-purpose brush heads are replaceable and ready to use.

Key features

  • 26 x 3 x 3 inches dimension
  • Stainless Steel handle
  • 7V 4000mah rechargeable battery
  • 300RPM speed
  • 12A resistance

Why we love it?

With this amazing new design scrubber, you can definitely enjoy the high-speed cordless version of a scrubber. It added a new dimension to the world of cleaning. It has changed the traditional method of manual cleaning and transformed this into an efficient new technological cleaning.

The battery strength is totally outstanding. There is a 3.7V 4000mah powerful rechargeable battery that can speed up to 300RPM. The brush head can torque up to 35.4 kg/cm. it ensures deep and easy cleaning of your floor. It is possible to clean the full house in one fell swoop. The scrubber can work for more than 2 hours. There is an unattached hook for storing this scrubber.

The ordinary scrub brush’s handle is made from plastic. But this scrubber’s handle is made with high-quality stainless steel with an easy gripping formula.

The company used patented poly-ring and metal screws to build up the inner structure. It has the durability to stand with 60kg. It can remove stubborn greasy stains from any kind of surface. So it can be used in bathroom tiles too.

The stainless still handle and the automatic spin scrubber is made perfectly to wipe out all those stubborn stains from your house. It is a long-lasting and lightweight scrubber machine. The best part is its bristles. The strong thick bristles are good for your home. There are different kinds of brush heads. They are useful for different places like the tile, floor, door, furniture, window, etc.

Keep in mind

The scrubber needs a little bit more time to charge.


  • Control button
  • Gripping formula
  • Extended handle
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Hanging and storing facility
  • Good quality thick bristles
  • Good for glass and steel surface
  • Can be used in kitchen and bathroom
  • Easy to dry
  • Good absorbing power


No warranty.

8. Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 with Convenient Detachable Handheld Unit

This premium quality mopping brush is best known for its high-quality performance. It easily removes the stubborn greasy stains from the floor. You’ll hardly find any scrub brush which is pet and child friendly. This scrub is safe for your family. So just close your eyes and order it now. Let’s check the amazing features of this outstanding machine.

Key feature

  • Built-in steam cleaner
  • 340ml / 11.5Oz reservoir
  • Good quality handle
  • Easy gripping technology

Why we love it?

We know that you don’t love to do the cleaning for a long day. So, here is the steam mop which will help you in this work. This 10-in-1 Steam Mop can clean the floor more easily and quickly. It will make your floor fresher and cleaner than ever.

There is a built-in handheld steam system that easily cleanses the stubborn stains. You can use the flexible hose to clean the tiles and marble floor. It works efficiently on the carpet, window, glass, and car, and countertop. You can use this as a glass cleaner, garment washer, and many more ways.

The best part is it is 100% safe for pets and children. It kills 99.99% of germs with a safe method. It is harsh for your family. The absorbing power is super and unbeatable. What about speed adjust? Wait, there are some options too. There are 3 adjustable modes by which you can easily control the speed of cleaning.

It can wipe out the stains easily from the floor and at the same time, it disinfects it too. You don’t need to give a lot of pressure at once. Just press the switch and the brush will do the work easily and perfectly.  Moreover, it doesn’t make your glass surface dull and cloudy. So, you can use this to clean the windows and glass shelf by it.

Keep in mind

The machine is hard to dry. You’ve to dry this machine by steaming.


  • Best quality premium features
  • Easy gripping handle
  • Easy installation
  • 2 years guaranty
  • Good quality handle
  • Best for glass and steel surface
  • Can use both in indoor and outdoor
  • Environment and pet friendly
  • Safe for your family members
  • Sanitizes perfectly


Takes a long time to dry


A floor scrubber is our everyday need. We have to keep our floors clean. The dirty and dusty floor can be slippery. A slippery floor is hazardous for people. If you have toddlers and old people in your house, it can be a big threat for you. Moreover, the greasy floor is often get attracted by harmful bacteria.

There can be germs and bacteria on your floor too. So, always keep your floor clean. Seems a lot of works, right? But don’t worry too much. There are a lot of options in your hand. You can choose the best one for you. There are so many scrubbers on the internet with different prices and qualities. These scrubbers are specially made to help you in cleaning.

It needs a few minutes to clean your floor. There are some electric scrubbers that you can recharge. Some of the scrubbers do sanitize too. So you don’t have to worry when these are in your hands. These scrubbers are really efficient in removing stains. The scrubbers can be work on tile, marble, or glass surface. Some of the scrubbers are good for steel surfaces too. Try to order the best one for you.

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