How To Crochet The Best Kitchen Scrubber Ever

How To Crochet The Kitchen Scrubber Who loves yummy dishes? Well, that’s an easy question. Everybody loves to eat delicious foods and, all those foods come from your kitchen? Have you ever asked yourself how clean your kitchen is? Most importantly, the dishes and utensils that you use to eat and serve foods have to be the cleanest. But does your scrubber do that work perfectly? How about making your own new kitchen scrubber? Seems hard? Actually,  no. It’s easy to crochet the best kitchen scrubber for you.

We know there are lots of options in your hand to buy new scrubbers from the market. So, why make a scrubber? Yeah, we have answers too. Let’s check all the benefits of this scrubber.

Firstly it is a biodegradable scrubber. The scrubber effectively removes stubborn stains from your kitchen utensils. Secondly, the scrubber gets dry easily. After that, you only need a small amount of washing liquid in it. The scrubber absorbs the washing liquid and cleans the dishes in a second.Best Kitchen Scrubber

Now, let’s crochet this amazing scrubber. Don’t worry! You don’t need lots of ingredients to make this.

Things you’ll need:

  • Yarn
  • Tulle ribbon from the craft store
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle

You should follow some easy steps to make a perfect scrubber for your kitchen.

  1. First, take the yarn ball and grip both ends of that.
  2. Make a circle and eliminate a hole in the middle. You can use two threads for extra thickness.
  3. Crochet 6 times of the single thread and put that into the magic circle. After that, pull the last section and sew that in the close of that hole.
  4. Later, crochet twice in single crochet exactly the way you did before. The process needs only 12 seconds to finish.
  5. After that, crochet twice again in the first stitch of the single thread, and continue this to the next one. Repeat the process for 18 seconds.
  6. Next, crochet twice in the single thread into the first stitch, then repeat the process to the next two stitches. Do this entire work for about 24 seconds.
  7. Tie the ends and cut off the yarn which, you don’t need. The tails of that yarn will be tucked into the kitchen scrubber, so you should leave at least one or two-inch yarn at the end.
  8. Next, make a magic circle by using the tulle ribbon.
  9. Later, crochet 6 times in the single thread into the circle, finish the process by pulling the end to the hole.
  10. Repeat for 3 times into the first stitch, then do double crochet 2 times to the second one. The entire process will take 15 seconds.
  11. Crochet twice in the first one and once in the second. Repeat the whole process and, you’ll end up with 23 stitches.
  12. Hold the yarn disks and tulle back to back together.
  13. Do single crochet from the back loops of the yarn disks and attach them. Tie all of the ends in between the yarn disks.
  14. At last, cut off the tulle ribbon and fasten it by leaving a 2-inch tail. For weaving, you can use tapestry needles.

All done! Do these things and, your magical scrubber will be ready. Now how to use this?

You can use this scrubber in the same way you did before. But with this scrubber, you only need a little amount of liquid washing soap. Pour 1 teaspoon of liquid soap in a bowl and mix this with I cup of water. Dip the scrubber into this and, you’ll see the scrubber easily absorbing your entire product. Take your stained greasy utensil and rub the scrubber into it. After a while, you’ll see how nicely the scrubber cleaned all the dirt and stains.

Clean your kitchen with this magical scrubber. One more thing, you can use this scrubber for about 1 year or more. But, take care of this scrubber too. Right after cleaning, wash the scrubber with soap water and dry as soon as possible. Wet scrubber attracts bacteria and germs. So be careful about the scrubber too. Here you can see how easy it is to make this scrubber.

You only need 4 or 5 tools to create your own DIY biodegradable scrubber. The scrubber takes only a few seconds to remove stains and marks. At the same time, it removes excess oils from the dishes. So why don’t you try this? It’s high time to make the scrubber and clean your kitchen.

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