Different Standard Sizes of Shower Pans And Their Installation Process

Different Standard Sizes of Shower Pans The shower pan is basically a lead or vinyl made of a waterproof barrier that is formed into the shape of a pan. It’s generally placed under the shower floor. It helps to catch seeping water through grout and tile to the drain. There are different sizes of shower pans available in the local market. You have to buy by matching your shower base and the bathroom floor. If you are looking for a shower pan, try to keep this in your mind that, there are different style and size of shower pans. Suchlike:

The large size

Such a standard shower pan basically has 30 inches in width and 60 inches in length. This shower pan comes in rectangular in shape. It is the moderate and standard size for most of the bathroom. After some modifications of the bathroom walls, you can install this on the places which are not exactly square. You will also find full-size larger pans in the stores. If you have a medium or large bathroom, go for this one. The length and width may extend by 60 inches.

The square size

It is smaller than the large types. It is recommended for medium or narrow spaces and can extend from 32 to 48 inches.

The curved one

Some shower bases need a circular or round pan size. This configuration is best for the narrow place.

Here are some sizes of different kinds of shower pans

Small standard

  • 36″ X 36″
  • 38″ X 37″

Medium standard

  • 42″ X 36″
  • 48″ X 32″
  • 48″ X 36″
  • 48″ X 48″
  • 54″ X 36″

Large standard

  • 60″ X 30″
  • 60″ X 32″
  • 60″ X 34″

The installation process is quite the same for all those sizes. You can do this by yourself or call a plumber. The installation process is quite simple, just follow these steps correctly. But before installation,

 You may need these things:

  1. Screws
  2. Hammer
  3. Measurement tape
  4. Power drill
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Caulk gun
  7. Masking tape
  8. Bathroom caulk
  9. Handy pliers
  10. Wood shims
  11. Washer

Step 1: Measurement

After gathering all the products, you have to measure the surrounding walls, close to the base. Buy the exact sized pan for your washroom

Step 2: Preparation for the area

At first, clear out all debris, dirt, and sticky layers from the showering area. You can use brooms to get rid of those loose trashes. Later, clean stubborn adhesive by scrapping paper or tool. Seal the area if needed. After that, read the manual carefully. If there are any other extra tasks, do them first. If you seal the place, try to do the rest of the work after drying that area. A damp platform can cause mold breeding. Moreover, it can damage the surface size and shape.

3. Fitting the pan

After cleaning, put the shower pan on to the area or the shower base to see if the shower pan fits properly. Space should be the accurate size, not too light or too loose for the base. Tight space may break the pan and a loose base may cause an unfit shower pan. Besides, the installer will face movement issues or water leaking if it is too loose. After stabilization, follow the next steps.

Step 4: placing and install

You have to follow the manual and install the pan by gears. The process may require a coupling tool, coupling extensions, or washers. Level it with a carpenter’s level and shims soon after placing. Adjust the shim according to your choice. Don’t adjust it at a high level; otherwise, it will float above the platform. After completing mark the upper near the studs. Attach the case to the studs by the washer. Secure it with a screw and tight perfectly.

Step 5: sealing:

A shower pan needs a silicone bath caulk paint finish. It helps it to be sealed. It is mandatory, otherwise, water leakage, or crating holes may occur.  My sure you have to fill such areas with a bath caulk and finely coat the place. Don’t forget to fill around the studs, nails, and screws. Avoid overusing because the caulk may ruin the upper part of your shower base. Wipe up all the extra drops with a wet paper. If they become dry, use a scraper to remove the stains.

These are the basic steps to install any kind of shower pans. Follow these steps carefully. If you need anything for help, try to read the manual or call a plumber for an emergency. Make sure you have gathers all the needed items before starting the installation procedure.

Moreover, try to buy the exact size pan. We recommend you measure the shower base and area perfectly before buying. By this, you will have an idea about the exact size. If there needed any other extra work for the installation, try to perform all of them perfectly by reading the process manually.

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