How Do Toilet Plungers Work?

How Do Toilet Plungers WorkHow will you feel to use a clogged washroom? Obviously, it is disgusting. But what about a quick fix? Now, we discuss here how do toilet plungers work. A plunger is a great solution to this problem. A plunger works magically by suction and pressure. It simply removes clogged dirty water by slight suction.

When the rubber cup of a plunger is pressurized down over the drain hole opening and you move up the handle, the water comes off by the pressure and dislodges most clogs. In this way, the actual normal water flow continues to the drain pipe.

We all know that toilet blockage is more than enough to create any kind of awkward situation. It may be happening because of the clogging in the drain pipe.  A plunger can give us the relief of that awkward situation.

Obviously clogged toilets are the curse, but why you should be tensed when you have a plunger. Use this in a correct way to get rid of the problem. Before using, keep these in mind;

  • Never use drain-clearing chemicals before plunging the toilet.
  • Using chemicals may cause harm to your skin
  • The plunger forces water against the clogged surface so the flow may not continue sometimes.
  • It pushes the rubbish for pressure through a U-shaped pipe path to make water flow uninterrupted.
  • Add water to a bowl before using the plungers.
  • Try to wear gloves when using it.
  • Wash your hands after use
  • Use baking soda and water to wash the plunger.

After this, start using the plunger by following these steps below:


Carefully choose the plunger. You may find different kinds of plungers available in the online and local markets. Sometimes people buy differently shaped plungers which may not work better. Try to buy the standard sized or basket-ball shaped plungers. An odd-sized plunger may not perfectly seal with the toilet bowl. It forbids to get rid of clogged water. A good plunger can be the funnel cup-sized one. It makes a tight seal and high suction power.

 Make the plunger ready

You may think about this step that why you need to do extra things to warm up the plunger. Well, a plunger works better if you dip that in hot water for about 20 minutes before using it. It softens up the material and makes it more flexible. Sometimes plunger becomes hard and damaged. Try to do this before using and see the magic.


This is the main step. Carefully do this. There are some sub-steps you can follow to insert perfectly.

Water level Checking

Before inserting, check the water level. Remember, a plunger can only remove a certain amount of clogged water from the toilet bowl. If there is more than enough water, use a mug and bucket to fetch up that extra water, then insert the plunge. You can use a sponge to absorb the excess water. You may need a bowl to collect the water if you use a sponge.

Plunger inserting

Make sure that the flange passes through the drain before inserting the plunger into the toilet bowl. Extend the flange under the plunger cup.

Insert perfectly and make sure that the rubber lip gets stuck around the drain.  Lower the plunger in the middle of the toilet bowl at an angle. In this way, the plunger cup will be filled and be pressurized in the same way. Fit the cup in a vertical position. Pull and push the plunger back down naturally. Stick the plunger and create a seal. Give some up and down strokes and repeat for a while. Create pressure on the handle and pull the plunger out of the hole.

If you see that most of the water is now removed from the bowl, you’ve probably cleared the clog. Then flush the toilet twice. If you see no water in the toilet bowl after flushing, you have successfully removed all the clogged water. But if you see that the overflowing is still happening, you may need to close the flapper. Do plunging and flushing again for a better result.

The mechanism here is very easy. Plunger creates suction in the toilet bowl to remove the excess dirty water. When you give pressure to the handle, it eventually creates a strong seal and fetches up all those water. In this way, the drain pipe clears perfectly. A toilet plunger is the most needed one. Often we face this awkward situation. If you use the plunger in the right way, then you can get rid of this problem.

Moreover, there is a secret tip is for you. If you want to improve plunger suction capability, gently rub petroleum jelly on the side area of the flange that goes into the drainpipe hole. It will create a great seal between the plunger and the toilet bowl.

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