How to Change The Toilet Valve (Tips from Expert)

How to Change The Toilet Valve We are here to describe how to change the toilet valve. A toilet’s valve is specially made to protect and for filling up the toilet tank. It can cut off the water supply soon after the tank is full. For this capability, this component is very important. But, it can be worn out sometimes and suddenly. However, it should be replaced immediately after worn out. Make sure that the toilet valve is exactly in the perfect size. Try to do the whole process very carefully.

First of all, you may think, why is it so much important to fix this one. If the toilet valve breaks sometimes, it may cause leakage and water wastage, for which you may have to suffer a lot. If you are wondering how to fix this up quickly, then follow these steps carefully. Hope this will help you.

First of all, you may need

  • Washer
  • Screwdriver
  • Perfect size toilet valve

Water supply

We know that before doing any kind of toilet repairing, we have to turn off the water supply first. So, the beginning step is to shut off the water supply. The process is quite simple. Just locate the shut-off valve which is basically situated on the wall behind the toilet tank. Turn it clockwise to shut off. It is important to carry out this step so that you don’t have to face leakage or water wastages in your bathroom.

Drain the tank

Once you are done with shutting off the water supply, remove the lid gently from the toilet tank. It is important to flush soon after this. Use a gentle nylon sponge or cloth to absorb the remaining water in the tank. Don’t forget to use a bowl to keep the water.

 Locating the toilet valve

The next step is to locate the valve and remove it.

First of all, you have to find the fill valve inside the toilet tank. Hold it steady as you have already unscrewed the inlet hose and back nut.

This nut that you have unscrewed will loosen the valve and ease the removing process. Make sure that you have to remove it completely from the toilet tank. If there is any remaining water left inside the tank, use a small container, and put it below the fill valve. It can easily collect the remaining water quickly.

Make sure that the new replacement is exactly as the fit one.

Buy the exact sized toilet valve. The easiest thing to find the best one is to buy the exact copy of the one that you have used already. However, if you know something about toilet valves and you have a brief idea of which one you should use or which not.

Putting the valve in position

After buying the exact product, proceed to the next step which is to put the valve correctly. First of all, adjust the new valve’s length and insert the threaded end into the hole carefully. Make sure that you have inserted this in the perfect place. Now is the time to tighten the lock nut and securing the position.

Make sure that you have carefully placed the valve’s refill hose beside the overflow tube. Ensure that the length is perfect and below the waterline level. If it across this level, it will eventually siphon out all the water. It can further cause a lot of wastage. Most refill hoses are available with a clip-on adapter. A Clip-on adapter will prevent the tube from extending length below the water level.

Don’t forget to install the washers. Make sure that you have carefully sealed below and above the toilet valve opening. Do this before fixing it. This will keep the new valve safe from leaking any water.

Reconnecting the water supply

The next step is to reconnect the water inlet. Reconnect this from the wall by screwing the inlet hose. You should screw the inlet hose into the new toilet valve. Ensure that the parts are tightly fitted. Reopen the water supply and the tank will fill up with water after some time.

Adjusting the float

Now you are almost at the end. The final step is to level adjusting. You have to adjust the level of the float so that the tank is filled up to the perfect height for flushing. This length is recommended to be set about 1.5 inches below the length of the overflow tube to prevent overflowing. For adjustment, simply adjust the float level of the adjustment clip.

So this is the basic way to replace the toilet valve. A worn-out toilet valve can cause a huge problem. It may cause overflowing, which is a big problem. To keep your bathroom safe from this hazard, try to fit the toilet valve perfectly. Make sure that you have bought the perfect sized toilet valve otherwise; it won’t fit correctly and end up with water wastage.

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