How To Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles?

How To Clean Bathroom Floor TilesThe floor tiles of the bathroom become dirtier easily than the other ones. Basically, sometimes we forget to clean and take care of bathroom tiles. As bathroom tiles remain wet always, stains and marks easily stay there to know the ultimate technique of how to clean bathroom floor tiles.

Sometimes we don’t use stainless steel in the fittings. Ordinary fittings can cause rust stains. Also, bathroom tiles need extra cleaning items than the other floor tiles. So it is very important to clean your bathroom tiles. It is not that much hard a task. Just use some cleaning items regularly and carefully and enjoy clean bathroom tiles every time. First, identify the stain causes. If there are no stains go with regular cleaning methods. For regular cleaning, you can use any of these methods

Floor cleaner

There is some bathroom floor cleaner, which is mainly used for bathroom tiles only. They are made with high-quality materials which will help you to keep your toilet floor clean. Moreover, they are available in various flavors and fragrances. So you can easily choose the best one for you. For use, just mix 1 tablespoon of liquid floor cleaner in one bucket of water. Then nix up and use a sponge to clean the floor. After scrubbing, use water and rinse well.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a very good cleaning agent. You can use baking soda directly on the stains. Baking soda cleans the surface quickly and gives a fresh smell too. Moreover, it is very cheap in price and always available in your home. For use, take 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix this well with water. Use this mixture while scrubbing the floor with a sponge. After scrubbing, rinse with water.


Bleach is the most powerful cleaner. For floor cleaning, bleach is best. Bleach not only focuses on the surface, but it also helps to clean the edges too. Take a toothbrush to clean the edges. First of all, wear rubber gloves before using bleach. Make sure that your eyes are covered too.


the detergent helps a lot to keep your bathroom tiles clean and stain-free. It gives a fresh smell too. Use 1 tablespoon of any kind of detergent power. Use a scrubber to scrub the floor. Use a toothbrush to clean the edges. After scrubbing, rinse and clean the floor with water. You can use this one regularly.


Vinegar helps a lot to keep the bathroom floor clean. The acetic acid helps to get rid of stains and marks. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to clean the floor. Take 1 mug of water and mix 1 cup of vinegar. Use this mixture with detergent or soda. Then do the regular scrub and rinse well with water.

These all are normal methods. If your bathroom floor is full of stains, first identify the reason and then proceed to clean.

There can be various kinds of stains on your bathroom floor. Common stains are

  • Rust stain
  • Water stain
  • Damp stain
  • Cloudy stain
  • Foam stain
  • Rust stain

If you don’t use any stainless steel fittings, there would be rust stains on your bathroom floor. For removing rust stains you can use lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon and use the juice directly on the stain. Use sandpaper or scrubber to remove the stains.

Water stain

Sometimes we can see a reddish stain on the floor because of water drying. It is normal and easy to remove. Use detergent and scrubber to remove the stain. Scrub for a while and leave for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes rinse well with water.

Damp stain

For removing damp stains use water and toilet floor cleaner. After scrubbing with the toilet brush, rinse well with water.

Cloudy stain

Sometimes, shower essentials or products may cause hazy bathroom tiles. If you see that your bathroom tiles are looking hazy, keep in mind that, this is probably happening due to a residue of soap left on the tiles. This can build up the cloudy stained floor and cause your tiles to look dull. Remove this stain using an all-purpose cleaner. The best one is to use a floor cleaner. Moreover, you can use detergent and water mixture to clean this.

Foam stain

Shaving foam can cause foam stains on the floor. It makes the floor dirty and dull too. For removing this stain, use baking soda and lemon juice. You can use baking soda with hot water too. It helps a lot of cleaners that stained area. Moreover, baking soda is always useful for cleaning your bathroom tiles.


Don’t forget to clean the edges too. It is a big problem for the bathroom. We often forget to clean the edges. As a result, it becomes darker than the surface. Try to use a toothbrush and detergent powder to clean the edges.

So, these are the easiest way to keep your toilet floor clean. Try to use any of them and enjoy your clean toilet.

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