How to Clean Your Bathroom Mirror – DIY Guide

How to Clean Your Bathroom MirrorWe start our day by seeing ourselves in the mirror. We smile, we cry even we talk in front of the mirror. It is impossible to think of a house without a mirror. Everybody loves to see themselves in front of the mirror. It gives you a glimpse of your smile. But, a mirror not only reflects your external situation but also reveals the internal condition of yourself. Whenever you pass by a mirror, it’s quite impossible not to look in it.

But who wants to look into a dirty mirror? A dirty mirror can ruin your beauty and confidence. Moreover, it’ll ravage the beauty of your house. But wait!!! There’s always a solution. It is not that hard to clean up your favorite mirror. You can do it all by yourself easily at home. Some simple tricks and tips can remove all the stains from your mirrors. We have some quick and easiest solutions for it. Let’s change your dirty mirror to a tidy one!

Things you’ll need:

You’ll not need huge products to clean your favorite mirror. But before cleaning, try to use hand-gloves.

  1.  Microfiber clean cloth
  2.  Glass cleaner
  3.  Rubbing alcohol
  4.  Cotton pad or cotton balls.

You should follow some steps to clean your mirror perfectly. Let’s check it out!

Step: 1 Clean the mulish stains

There are some products that we use every day in our life suchlike toothpaste, hairspray, liquid soap, shampoo, and many more. Mistakenly those can cause stubborn stains in the mirror. Also, some mirrors have metallic borders. These borders might cause rusty stains. So first and foremost, we should identify those marks and should remove them. For removing those stubborn stains, you can follow different easy methods such as:

First, take a cotton pad and pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Place the cotton pad over the stain and leave it for a minute. Slowly rub the pad and see!!! No more stubborn stains.

If you can’t find rubbing alcohol, we have another alternative to it. Take a bowl and squeeze half of a lemon. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with lemon and dip a cotton ball into this mixture. Place the cotton ball over the stain and rub it. It’ll help to remove those stains.

Step 2: Use Glass cleaner

Mirrors often become faded or dull by dust and other chemicals. Using a glass cleaner can easily transfer your old mirror to a new one. There are lots of glass cleaners on the market. You can find them in super shops or other chemical stores. Glass cleaner contains ammonia that helps to remove the stains from the mirror. Spray the cleaner in the mirror and rub it with a clean microfiber cloth.

If you can find a glass cleaner, don’t be hopeless! You can make your own DIY cleaner with your household items. Let’s make our glass cleaner.

First, take a bowl and pour 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of any liquid soap. Mix all the ingredients. You can add a pinch of baking soda into the mixture if you want. Shake well and place the mixture in a spray bottle. That’s it! Your own DIY glass cleaner is ready. Use it and see how clean your mirror is looking.

Step 3: Wiping

If you want a clean mirror, you should definitely emphasize the wiping method. Try to wipe your products by using a downward motion. Fold the microfiber cloth and wipe out the products by downward motion. It will easily clean your mirror. Never use tissue paper or newspaper to wipe down the products. A microfiber cloth will be the best option for your mirror.

Other important tips for your mirror:

  • Try to clean your mirror twice a week.
  • You can use toothpaste to remove dullness from your mirror. Just take one teaspoon of toothpaste and mix it with water. Wipe the mirror with a microfiber cloth with the mixture.
  • Apple cider vinegar may help to remove unwanted marks from the mirror.
  • Try to clean your mirror after a shower.
  • You can use shaving foam on a cloudy mirror. It will remove the fadedness from the glass.
  • By using essential oils, suchlike mint or lemon will help the mirror to stay clean for about a week.
  • Never use a dry or wet newspaper in the mirror. It will make your mirror dirtier.
  • After cleaning, use a dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust from the glass.
  • Liquid bleach can be used to clean bathroom mirrors. Just pour a full spoon of liquid bleach and wipe down the product with a cloth.
  • To remove rusty stains from glass, use lemon directly over the stain and wait for a little bit. Soon you’ll see the marks are fading. You can also use the mixture of lemon and baking soda onto the marks.
  • Girls mostly use a pocket mirror in their vanity bag. Sometimes, the pocket mirror becomes dirty too. Just use a few drops of baby oil in the mirror and wipe it with a cotton cloth. It will remove all the stains and cloudiness from the mirror.

We use mirrors to see ourselves. It’s also our duty to keep it clean as well. We can easily clean our favorite mirror with some simple methods. But still, we know that prevention is better than cure. Try to clean your mirror every time after shower. Another thing to remember; don’t forget to disinfect your mirrors too. There are lots of disinfecting sprays in the market. Just spray them in the mirror and, you are safe.

Mirrors are one of the most used products in our day to day basis. So try to keep it as cleaner as you can. A clean mirror reflects yourself, increases your confidence, and reflects your beauty. It is not that hard to maintain a mirror. Try to keep it clean whenever you use it.

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