How To Empty Toilet Bowl Of Water?

How To Empty Toilet Bowl Of WaterWe often face the problem of overflowing or clogged toilet bowl. Don’t worry we are here to describe how to empty toilet bowl of water easily. However, you need to remove excess water to empty the toilet bowl. When emptying a toilet bowl, it is important to remove all of the water from the trap. You can usually empty that hole through the toilet bowl, but be careful because sometimes wrong attempts may residual water inside the base.

Before emptying the toilet bowl, you have to check if the toilet is clogged or not. The methods are different for a clogged and unclogged toilet bowl. Before proceeding to the main steps; you may need to gather some tools first. Here are the pieces of equipment you may need:

  • Wet-dry shop vacuum
  • Toilet plunger
  • Flexible hose
  • Rubber gloves
  • Mug or small bowl
  • Bucket
  • Sponge

After collecting those tools above, proceed to these steps below:

Water supply

The first and foremost thing to do before any kind of toilet repair, you have to turn off the water supply. It is very important to prevent leakage and water wastage. You can easily find a shut-off valve near the water supply. Basically, a shut-off valve looks like a football shape.

Turn the valve clockwise to stop the water supply. If the shut-off valve is old, turn off the main switch of the water supply. Sometimes, the old shut-off valve permanently damages the cause of turning too much. It is better to turn off the main switch for saving your house from overflowing.


Flush the toilet before plunging. It is important to flush the toilet to keep away some dirty staff from the toilet bowl. Well, here is a reminder, if your toilet is not clogged, skip the first step and start with flushing. Flush twice to get rid of all those materials that are clogging your toilet bowl.


The next step is to plunge into the water. Plunger help to remove excess water from the toilet bowl. However, it is the main step of this whole procedure. Before plunging, keep the plunger in hot water for 20 minutes. It helps the plunger to be softer and makes the rubber more elastic and flexible.

Therefore, it can create a great seal between the toilet bowl and itself. Place the plunger in the toilet bowl; push it by giving pressure on the handle. While pushing, you can see that the plunger creates a high suction and fetching up all those dirty water. After a while, pull the handle by giving pressure and remove the plunger from the bowl. Now, you can see the water is emptying slowly.

Siphon out

If there is no paper in the toilet bowl, then try to use rubber gloves to keep away all the remaining dirt. First, wear rubber hand gloves and remove the excess water from the bowl. You may fill up and plug in the inlet hose after the siphon outing.

Gently set one of the hosen into the toilet tank. Set the other one into a bucket so that the bucket remains lower than the water level surface in the bowl. Slightly start releasing thumbs from both ends of the inlet hose. The water will start draining until you keep the bucket lower than the bowl.

This method will help you to remove most of the remaining water from the toilet bowl. Before siphon out, make sure that you have worn the rubber gloves and wash your hands after the step.


After the previous method, it’s time to absorb the left out water. The best method is to bail out. Take a mug and bucket first. Use the mug to fetch up the remaining water from the toilet bowl and pour it into a bucket. You can use a sponge to absorb the extra water from it and pour that into a bowl. A sponge will help you to get closer to remove the excess water. In this way, you may get rid of all the remaining water. Remember to wear gloves before bailing out.


Use a vacuum cleaner to dry out all the water. a vacuum cleaner will help you to clean the water and make the toilet bowl dry and clear.

By following all those steps above, you can get rid of all the problems. But keep in mind that:

  • Don’t turn off the water before flush if the toilet bowl in unclogged
  • If the toilet bowl is clogged somehow, turn off the water supply first then flush the toilet.
  • Before plunging, make sure that your plunger is not damaged or broken.
  • Hard plungers may not work properly
  • For siphoning out, wear the rubber gloves first
  • If there is any paper or other staff in the bowl avoid siphoning out.
  • For dry-out use, the vacuum cleaner for a while, don’t overuse it.

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