How To Replace Toilet Gasket?

How To Replace Toilet GasketA toilet gasket is a round-shaped ring that is basically made of wax or rubber on the bottom of a toilet. Here, you will get a guideline about how to replace toilet gasket?

It is kind of a seal type material that helps to prevent leakage from the flush tank while flushing. Often we face the problem of water leakage from a flush. If this happened, you have to replace the toilet gasket to get rid of this problem. You can easily find a toilet gasket in the hardware store. Try to buy high manufactured and chlorine resistant rubber gasket. Try to buy a universal fit gasket. It helps to seal between the sewer pipe and the bottom of the toilet and sewer pipe. The best part is a toilet gasket can last for more than 30 years and no need for extra maintenance.

You may have to replace a toilet gasket if the gasket breaks sometimes.

Before buying; remember these things

  • Try to buy a rubber gasket
  • Try to avoid wax gasket
  • A universal gasket would be the best option

After buying, follow the steps below to complete the process

Water supply

The very first step is to turn off the water supply. Shut off the water supply before starting the whole procedure. In this process, you have to dismantle the parts of your bathroom, so if you don’t shut off the water supply it may flood up and cause wastage. For turning off the water supply, locate the shut-off valve first. You will find the shut-off valve at the back of the toilet. Turn the knob clockwise to turn off the water supply.


The second step is to flush the toilet. Hold the flush handle gently and press down for a while. It will help in draining the excess remaining water. If there is still water, try to use a sponge. A sponge can absorb the remaining water as much as possible. Remember to use a bowl for collecting that excess water.

Water supply hose

The next thing to do is to remove the water supply hose. You will find a water inlet hose beside the fill valve. Disconnect the water inlet hose from there carefully. For doing this, turn the fill valve slightly and fasten the nuts. For fastening, use a screwdriver and turn that anticlockwise. Later, do the same thing to the back nut. The back nut holds the fill valve and keeps it in position. Now, it’s time to remove the fill valve from the tank.


The third step starts with separating the tank from the bowl. When the fill valve is out of place proceed to this step. There are some screws used for attaching the screw head of the tank bowl. You should open these all up. A flathead screwdriver may help you to remove those. Use this tool until the tank is freed. After exposing, lift it slightly and place it aside.


The next step is to replace the gasket. When you have removed the bowl, the rubber gasket should be exposed too. You have to remove that worn-out gasket first. Clean the surrounding area. Clean where the tank and bowl were placed before. Make sure that all the gasket pieces that are stuck on the ceramic have been removed perfectly. If there is any sticking gasket piece, a new one might not sit properly.

After this, it is time to fit the new gasket. Insert it on the threaded end of the flush valve. This flush valve protrudes below the flush tank. Insert new screws you have bought with new rubber gaskets. Insert this inside the slots of the tank.


After the screws and gasket are replaced properly, it’s time to put the tank back in a certain place. You should place it on the toilet bowl. Make sure that the parts are aligned perfectly. Use washers and nuts into the bolts of the tank that protrude below the bowl.  Tighten them carefully so that they tightly secure the tank to the bowl.  Later, fit back the fill valve that you have removed before.

Gently secure the fill valve in right place using its back nut. You can use a screwdriver to tighten up those screws and check if they are well-secured or not. Now you are almost at the end. Remember you had removed the water supply at first? It’s time to place that hose back. Carefully, reconnect the water supply by inserting the inlet hose. Use screw-drivers to tighten the inlet hose to the fill valve. After that, turn off the shut-off valve. Use screws anti-clockwise to turn on the water supply. Wait for a little bit to make sure the water is filling again the tank.

Replacing a rubber gasket is very easy. We will recommend you to use a rubber gasket rather than the wax one. The rubber gasket lasts longer than the wax one. So you don’t have to do these things frequently.

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