How To Replace Well Pressure Tank?

How To Replace Well Pressure Tank?How to replace well pressure tank is a big question for normal users. If you grab the technique you will be able to replace the tank except taking help from an expert.

A pressure tank is useful for the village people more than the city dwellers. They don’t get enough water supply or correct flow of water if they need it. So, they have to depend on the pressure tank to get the water. The pressure in the tank can fulfill the entire requirement. The normal pressure setting naturally remains between 40 and 60 PSI for home.

This pressure on this tank simply pushes down the water with all force which helps to spread out the water in all outlets. Every time when you will remove water from the tank, the pressure will automatically come down. When the pressure reaches a preset level, the pump would be switched because of the triggered pressure. After the pressure, the pump will begin to work and brings water to the targeted pressure tank. This will build up the pressure and increase the level again.

Then it will supply the pressure of the flow. A pressure tank may damage or cracked for many reasons. Such as tearing; for the excess flow of water or pressure a pressure tank may tear out. This will cause a great hazard. If a pressure tank damage by tearing, it will cause huge water wastage. For this, you always have to be careful about the pressure and supply.

A small water tank can’t fulfill the needs of a large family. Large family peoples have to use a larger one to get the exact amount of water supply.

So, these are some reasons to replace a pressure tank. Now if you are thinking to buy a new pressure tank, try to check the capacity and the materials carefully. Think again if it can fulfill the demand or not. You can replace and install a pressure tank by yourself or may take the help of the plumbers.

Remove the old tank

First, you have to remove the old one. For removing the old tank, first, switch off the water supply. Make sure you have turn off the power connection to the motor. The first step is to drain the remaining water from your existing tank. You can do this by using a hose and a bucket. On the other hand, you can use a sponge and bowl to fetch up the remaining water.

The time is basically equal to the amount of water. After that, you must disconnect the pressure switch. You can do this from the electrical connection. Before disconnecting, remove the plastic cap. This plastic cup is used to cover the pressure switch. If you find any wires there, try to remove them from the power supply.

Disconnecting the tank

Once you have finished removing the switch of the power supply, the next thing is to disconnect the tank. The tank generally is attached to the well supply pipe. You can disconnect this by using a pipe wrench. A pipe wrench will lose the nut. Those nuts basically connect the tank to the pipe. Don’t remove the nut completely. Once you have done with this, you can proceed to the next step; removing the old tank


For removing the old tank, you have to do a couple of things. First of all, remove the plastic covering cap on the inlet section and outlet ports. Carefully wrap some plumbing tape on the threads and then screw on the stub-outs. Don’t screw first; otherwise, the installation procedure may not be done properly.

It will help to seal the union fully. After screwing, connect the stub-outs gently to the ports. it is important to align the tank correctly. At the same time, the union should be tight too. Secure the tank by placing it in the right place.


The last step is to connect the tank package. You can purchase a new one or can use the old pressure switch. This switch comes with a package. This package includes a pressure gauge, pressure switch, and tank crops. After finding this package connects it carefully to the new tank.

You have to connect the electric supply to get the pressure of water. Make sure you have reconnected the wires and cords. The next thing is to release the pressure. You can release pressure from the newly installed tank easily. After that, switch on the pump. If you don’t do so, the tank will not be filled with water. You’ll see the water is filling on the tank soon after switching on the electric supply.

After the water starts flowing, the extra air in the system will be out. After that, close the pressure valve gently. Make sure the pump stops soon after reaching the pressure level. Here is a reminder; you can use water after filling the tank perfectly. You can’t use the water if the switch is on. So turn it off and enjoy a well-balanced water supply.

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