How to Use Toilet Seat Cover Properly?

How to Use Toilet Seat Cover Properly?A toilet sheet or seat cover is known as a disposable piece of paper shaped exactly like the toilet seat itself that is used by the user to cover up the whole seat. So, why you should use toilet seat cover properly?

Often we have to use public toilets in school, college, office or other places. We literally have no idea who had used that toilet before us. Maybe, he can suffer from any kind of infection or a germ bearer. Ultimately if you use that toilet, soon after him, there is a high chance to be affected by that disease. Sometimes, diseases spread out mostly by touching, suchlike the coronavirus.

Here, you should be careful about where you are sitting, touching, or using. So, it is really important to use a toilet seat cover. If you use this disposable seat cover, you will be safe from this kind of disease. Moreover, if you have any cut-off or open wounds, there is a high risk of effected by the germs of a toilet seat.  Also, it’s a part of your personal hygiene. But people don’t know how to use this. Here are the right process and details about this every-day essential:

There are some toilets where you will find this attached beside the seat. If not, buy your own. You can easily find a toilet seat cover online or local market. The best way is to buy a seat cover package for a month. Here is the right process to use this. Try to follow these steps to be safe from all those toilet diseases:

1. Pull from the seat cover container:

You can find a toilet seat cover container beside the seat. After entering the stall trying to find the plastic container housing the toilet seat covers. Slightly grip the outside of one sheet, and pull it up gently to separate it from the rest, just like how you pull a tissue paper from the whole box. It will come with a little effort. Don’t force too much. Don’t waste toilet seat paper.

2. Releasing the middle flap

For releasing the middle flap section, gently pinch the joint section. Rip off these joints to fall the sheet inside the bowl. For attaching, there should be Pinch the 3 small joints of paper securing the flap to the outer ring. There is 1 attachment on the left side, middle side, and right side. Don’t worry about the attachments; it will rip off easily by pinching the paper with your finger.

3. Placing the cover

The next step is to place the seat cover onto the toilet bowl. The flap will go inside the toilet bowl. The flap will be in a circular shape and place accurately in the middle. Carefully align the seat cover so the outer part attaches to the bowl and the middle part fall inside the bowl.

The connection part, where the flap is securely connected with the outer part, should meet the front part of the toilet seat. If you place this on backward, don’t worry!!! That’s not a problem. The thing you should keep in your mind that the toilet seat must be covered fully. It doesn’t matter to which angle you have attached it.

4. Seating:

Seat on the cover and make sure it fully covers the toilet bowl. Remember, your body should not touch the toilet seat, rather it should be covered by the sheet.

5. After use:

The next step is to remove the toilet seat cover:

After using, try to remove the seat cover using the toilet tissue. Flush it carefully. A toilet seat cover is made from materials that break down soon after flushing. So you don’t have to worry much about the disposal.

Other important information:

There is little information you should keep in your mind:

  • Try to use the cleanest toilet seat whenever you are about to use a public toilet.
  • Don’t use a toilet seat cover in the clean toilet seat.
  • It is a great idea to use a toilet seat cover in an unhygienic toilet bowl
  • Where there is any debris or other unhygienic staff in the bowl, try to use this
  • If there is any stain in the bowl, you have to use a toilet seat cover for your own safety.
  • Don’t waste toilet seat covers
  • If you have any kind of injuries, it is better you use a toilet seat. If you have open wounds try to use this. Germs can easily enter through open wounds.


Toilet seat covers are usually made to protect you from germs and other dirty stuff. But if you seat in a clean toilet bowl, don’t waste a seat cover. Moreover, after use, remove and flush correctly for disposal. Use the toilet cover correctly by following the steps. Toilet seat covers are made with chemicals, so don’t use them anywhere else.

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