How to Use Western Toilet With Hand Shower

How to Use A Western ToiletNowadays, we often find western toilets more than traditional ones. Do you know what exactly a “western toilet” stand is for? And, how to use a western toilet with a hand shower? Well, generally sitting toilets are often known as “western-style toilets”. Sitting toilets are more convenient and comfortable than squat toilets for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Elderly people, who have a problem with bones or osteoporosis, have to use these western toilets because of their own comfort and safety. Moreover, the hand shower that is attached to the toilet helps to supply water. All kinds of hotels, restaurants, and other public places mostly have this type of toilet for use. It is not that hard or confusing to use this western toilet.

Before knowing about how to use a western toilet with a hand shower, it is important to check some important things.

  • Check if the tissue paper is there or not
  • Check if the hand shower is broken or damage
  • Check if there is any leakage in the flush
  • If the toilet seat is dirty, check if there is any toilet seat cover

The best thing about an adjacent handheld shower to the toilet is it can be used to douse and wash the area around the anus with a medium water pressure that will ensure perfect cleaning. Keep in mind that, only using tissue paper to clean yourself is not enough. Try to use the hand shower thoroughly to clean and later wash your hands with soap.

The method is quite simple, follow these steps:

Turn on the supply

Entering the toilet, first of all, check if the water supply is available in the handheld shower. You will find an attached tap beside the hand shower, by which water flows. As the hand shower has an on-off valve, make sure you have it on it before using it. Turn it into anti-clockwise mode.

Trying hand shower

It is important to try out the water pressure at least once before using the hand shower. Water pressure may vary from hand shower to hand shower. Try this and set the accurate pressure for you. Remember, if the pressure is higher, it can be unhealthier or risky. If the water pressure is okay, then proceed to the next step.

Accurate position

Try to position the spray unit in an accurate place. Here you can choose any of the two options.

Option number one: Gently hold the hand shower by placing the hands down between the two legs at the front.

Option number two: slightly move forward on the toilet seat and place the hand shower behind to hold the unit. Here, you can spray the hand shower upwards so that the dirty water falls back into the toilet bowl.


The main and important step is to wash you perfectly. For this, slightly squeeze the trigger of the hand shower to begin spraying. At this time, be aware of the water pressure that you checked earlier. You may need to reposition in the seat sometimes, to ensure the correct coverage.

Remember if you seat perfectly, there will create a right angle. An ideal angle allows the dirty water to fall into the toilet bowl. Make sure the hand shower’s spraying angle doesn’t reach onto your hand. There are some adjustable angled hand-showers where nozzles can be modified so that you can find the optimum position.

The result

It is important to check the results before you stand up from the toilet. Check if you need to wash more. The most important thing is to clean the seat too.


Flush the toilet before you leave. If you use a toilet seat cover, dispose of it before flushing. Make sure the toilet is super clean and ready to use for the next person.


You are almost at the end of the whole procedure. It is important to dry before leaving. Dry out the place by wiping with tissue paper or, you can wait for a while to dry out naturally.

Turning off

Remember, you turned on the water supply of the hand shower at first? Ok, now it’s time to turn it off. If you don’t turn off the water supply of the hand shower, the pressure of the water may cause leakages or damage to the hand shower. Gently turn off the water supply by rotating the circular part of the tap clock-wisely.

Checking the water supply

It is the last step. Check carefully, if the water supply is turned off perfectly or not. If not repeat the previous step. If it’s done, you are ready to leave the toilet. But, remember, before leaving the toilet tries to check if you have done the whole thing correctly. Check the flush, toilet seat, covers, and hand shower. So those, the next person, who will use the toilet, can get a clean and fresh one.

Western Toilet With Hand Shower

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