How to Keep Toilet Tank Clean – Tricks & Tips Included

Keep Toilet Tank CleanWe all want a clean fresh bathroom and want to keep toilet tank clean. Who doesn’t want to see a sparkling bathroom? Well, we maintain a lot to keep the bathroom clean. But do you ever think of the toilet tank? Some of us even don’t know what this is. And most of us don’t know how to clean it. In fact, we often overlook the necessity of cleaning a toilet tank. But this should not be done.

Because a toilet tank is the store of water you use for cleaning the toilet. So, if you want a clean sparkling bathroom, pay a little more attention to the toilet tank too. When you will open the lid of the toilet tank, you could definitely see Dirt accumulation, mineral build-up, and bacterial contamination in it.

The toilet tank has some metal tools in it, which also causes corrosion and rust stain in the tank. So, cleaning the tank is unavoidable. You should clean the tank twice a year. It extends the life span of the tank and your toilet too. It keeps the bathroom smell fresh.

For cleaning the toilet tank you need

  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Disinfectant
  • Scrubber

After gathering all the above things, start cleaning by following the steps below:


Initially, you have to drain the water from the tank. Turn off the water supply first. Shut off the tap valve located beside the toilet tank on the wall of your toilet. After that, drain all of the water from the tank by flushing it two times. Make sure that no water remains in the tank.


The next step is to decide on the cleaner. If you see that the toilet tank has no stain or debris, choose only a dissecting solution. If there are dirt and debris switch to a stringer solution. If you want to clean gunk and mildew in the tank, use bleach with liquid soap then. An easy solution can be white vinegar. White vinegar helps to get rid of mineral stains in the tank. Pour the vinegar into the tank near the overflow valve and let it sit for 12 hours. Don’t flush before 12 hours.


After deciding, it’s time to apply the cleaner. Carefully spray the tank interior with the cleaner. You can use bleach too. Pay more attention to the bottom and side part. Please wear rubber gloves before spraying. Don’t spray on the metal parts. Bleach may react with metal and cause rust. Let the cleaner sit for 15 minutes.


The next step is scrubbing. Use a toothbrush, or sponge, or scrub brush to scrub and clean the corners and the bottom of the tank. Pay attention to the sides and bottom of the tank. Scrub until you get the fresh and clean smell from the toilet bowl. Try to remove dirt and stained as much as you can. Don’t avoid the ball float and flapper. You can use a sponge to clean. Soak the sponge in clean, warm water. It would be better to spray some cleaner in the sponge too.


After scrubbing it’s time to flush. Turn on the switch for filling up the tank with water again. Then flush twice or thrice to rinse. If you used bleach to clean the tank, you 1 full bucket of water to clean the tank. Use glasses and gloves for your own protection.

Tips and tricks

Tank tablets:

There are so many tank tablets available in online and local market store. You can find them in various smells and sizes. You can choose the best for you. If you want a flowery smell, go with the rose and jasmine one. If you want a fresh smell, use lemon or mint one. Just pour it into the tank water and after every flush, you can feel a fresh good environment. It also helps to make the water clean and smelly.

Using Vinegar:

White vinegar is an easy solution. If you don’t find a tablet, just pour white vinegar into the tank. It will disinfect and keep the tank clean too. Moreover, you don’t need to invest a lot of money into it.

Cleaning Routine:

You should clean the toilet tank twice a month. Make a cleaning routine and include cleaning the toilet tank too. If you regularly clean the toilet and the tank, you don’t have to be bothered about the stains and corrosion anymore. Regular cleaning helps to keep the toilet clean and smell fresh. It also disinfects the toilet and keeps the debris and dirt away.

Using naphthalene

Naphthalene helps to keep the toilet tank clean and fresh. It also keeps the whole bathroom fresh.

By following the steps and tricks above, you may enjoy a super clean and fresh toilet every day. Remember, a clean toilet tank helps to keep the toilet bowl clean too.

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