Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Good Naturally

Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Good NaturallyA good smelly washroom can give you a fresh feeling, on the contrary, a bad smelly washroom is a nightmare. It is better for you and your family members to keep your bathroom smelling good naturally. How do you feel when you enter a washroom which emits a bad smell? Isn’t it the gross feeling forever? Obviously yes!!! But there are some tricks and tips to keep your toilet smell good.

We all know that a clean and hygienic toilet gives a good smell too. So, do these tricks to keep your toilet smell good always? You can choose only one of these methods or can do more than one. So let’s take a look at all the methods and tricks:


Keep in mind that cleaning is the best way to make your toilet to smell good. Nothing can beat cleaning. You have to clean your toilet twice or thrice a week. While cleaning, try to use the best quality toilet cleaner and brush. Moreover, keep your toilet brush clean and fresh too. Remember these tips while cleaning:

  • Clean your toilet brush before every use
  • Use a high-quality toilet cleaner
  • Flush before cleaning
  • While cleaning, try to clean the edges too
  • Don’t use any harsh chemical in your bathroom
  • You can use baking soda and vinegar mixture while cleaning
  • Use detergent mixture for the smell
  • After cleaning, try to keep the doors and windows open for a while

Air out

A bathroom easily can develop a musty, mildew odor because of damp. After a shower or bath, it is important to leave the bathroom fan running and remain the windows open. Use an electric fan if there is no attached fan in your bathroom. it will help you to blow away the moisture and smell. Use a dehumidifier to take away extra humid.

Towel hang-up

Don’t overlook the towel hang up section. Remember, it is important to keep the towel section clean. Make sure the curtains are perfectly clean and fresh. You can use an air freshener to keep the curtain smell fresh. Just spray the air freshener on the curtain and you are ready to go. Keep your towel hanger clean by using a sponge and soap. Use liquid soap on the sponge and scrub it gently on the towel hanger. Try to buy stainless steel towel hanger to hang all those towels. It helps to keep the hanger-free from rust.


It is very important to flush before and after use. Try to use toilet tablets in a tank. It helps to clean the toilet every time while flushing. Use a pocket cleaner and hang it on the toilet seat to keep the bathroom smell fresh. Moreover, you can use naphthalene to smell fresh

Air freshener

Air freshener helps to keep the smell away. Choose your favorite fragrance and buy it. Just spray the freshener in the room and keep the door shut for a while. Later open the door and windows and let the natural air come in. these fresheners are available in various flavors like lemon, jasmine, rose, tobacco, etc. we recommend using lemon and mint flavors for a fresh smell.

Air pocket

Air pockets are mainly used to keep the bad smell away from the toilet. Air pockets are also available in different flavors so, you can choose your’s favorite one. Never forget to use it in the right way. Cut the paper from the packet and transfer the air pocket to the main box. Hang this up in your bathroom. your bathroom will remain fresh every time. the air pocket can last long for 1 month. It is available in different fragrances like orange, lemon, jasmine, lavender, etc. you can choose your favorite one.

Household items

Some household items are used to keep your bathroom fresh. Suchlike, vinegar. While cleaning the bathroom use 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and salt together and spray it on the toilet seat. Another magical one is the baking soda. It helps to clean the toilet and give a fresh smell every time. Later, you can keep naphthalene on the top of the toilet tank and the basin. It helps to create a fresh environment.

Another thing you can do is using toothpaste in the toilet tank. Toothpaste gives a fresh minty smell which is good for your toilet. Moreover, it keeps the bathroom fresh too. Try to wash your curtain once a month. Use detergent or liquid soap to wash your curtains. Moreover, try to use lemon juice while cleaning. It helps to keep the toilet fresh. Another thing you have to keep in mind that, if you want to keep your toilet fresh, you have to keep the toilet tank and brush clean first.

There are some more tips that you should follow to get rid of bad odor

  • Never leave the toilet without flushing
  • Never use any harsh chemical
  • Don’t overuse bleach

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